So I've been helping my neighbor out in his (****ing awesome) recording studio. Moving heavy gear around, restringing/tuning instruments, reorganizing the electronics racks, exc. I don't really get paid, but he smokes me down and throws me a sack or two every once in awhile, (which essentially is just cutting out the middle man in terms of what my salary would be spent on. :P) Plus I get to play with the plethora of instruments set up inside.

Anyway, while I'm learning a lot just from watching him mix/record and asking questions, I'm still pretty clueless as to how music goes from my fingers to a complete track. Is there any site or collection of information out there that explains how a modern studio operates?

Every studio is different + whole Digital vs Audio.

Your best off learning what different things do like compression and audio spectrum analysis.

Music production is a quite peculiar thing.

It's an art, but at the same time also an art with "set in stone" rules.

With music you can go as crazy as you want, but in music production you have to learn about the audio spectrum and you cannot make things higher in sound if you want to (well technically you can, but 98% of people see this as "poorly mixed").

I suggest asking if you can sometimes watch when ur neighbour does a recording/mixing session.

From here he can show you what he does with certain problems, and this is best learned if you are on the spot, because you need to use ur ears.

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Ask him about the stuff as you move it, if he's paying for a studio he's probably fairly enthusiastic and enthusiasm means he'll probably tell you plenty if you can get him started.