hey guys, i thought i'd post here about my problem because i want to make sure of what i need to do.

im getting some fret buzz on 1st and 2nd strings just about say 12-13 frets. right after 13 it just stops. i cant play my guitar half step down because it rattles more. so i tried changing guages to a higher one i heard that heavier strings are better because there is more tension so there is no buzzzz. and i still get the buzzing if i played hard. so i tried raising the action as well. it rattles just a little bit more ( only if i play it with a pick, or if i play hard) . i want to take it to the shop but im not sure how much it would cost. do you guys think maybe one of the frets needs some work? or maybe truss rod adjustment? or my neck is warped..... i hope not. i play a crafter tc035n, and i love it! i hope my neck isnt warped.
much help is greatly appreciated, i just want to identify the problem and know how much i would be looking to pay to repair it. my guitar shop is pretty far so i dont wanan travel just to find out the price because im on a low budget.

thanks guys!
This isnt a case of fret buzz persae, ur string once held down on the 12-13 is touching another fret im guessing around the 18th fret a minor truss rod adjustment or a saddle adjustment (do this first) and done
Ease the truss rod 1/8 of a turn and re-check after a few hours. You may also need to make small changes to the bridge/saddles to keep a decent action.
i've never done any adjustments with the trust rod. hmm i think i should just take it to a tech shouldnt cost too much right?
If you're not too sure of yourself, then taking it to a tech might be the best idea, given your situation. However, it sounds like your buzzing is minor and might only require a very slight adjustment to compensate and give you a better action.

Here's a nice guide for adjusting a truss rod if you're willing to learn and experiment. We've all been there


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... i tried to experiement.. didnt go well lol.... tiem to go to the tech *sigh but thanks guys! those were super fast replies. i guess this thread can be closed now thanks guys!