Black Sheep I suppose.

Doesn't get more tongue in Cheek than Evil Dead, 3rd one especially. Definitely recommend them.
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Kinda like this?

I thought it was a pretty good horror movie.

This was actually pretty decent.
And also, if anyone knows of any completly over the top horror movies. Like, say, From Dusk Til Dawn
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Rocky Horror Picture Show.
It's very subtle...

"im just a sweet transvestite"

creepy movie

too many tranny`s
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Bad Taste
Shaun of the dead
Black Sheep
Return of the Living dead series (1 and 3 in particular I found funny)
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Dead and Breakfast
Dawn of the Dead (the new one has some pretty awesome dark humor)
Anything Troma

Most zombie movies have a certain level of subtle humor in them. I know there are some other movies in my collection I'm not thinking of, but that's my addition to the list.
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check out anything by Troma. Terror Firmer (disturbing), or Toxic Avenger (only seen clips)
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There was a movie from the 80's called Student Bodies,where the killer was a loud heavy breather.In one scene he chooses a paperclip as a weapon instead of a gun,knife or rope.Good stuff.

Earlier in the film a dude is talking about what happens to a person after his or her head is cut off, then later in the movie the same guy gets his head chopped off and is seen grinning his head off (lol) as his head rolls down a hill.