Crit my two songs Electric Butterfly and Eve? Be warned though we recorded for 2 hours today, got 4 songs down, but they were all kinda rushed. Didnt get nearly enough time to mix them and fix them up a bit so its kinda sloppy. Just keep in mind time was a major obstacle haha. I play guitar and my friend sings by the way
Eve - I really like this. Like you said, it needs to be fixed, but I like the chords, and the leads, and the melodies. I'm trying to think of who the vocalist reminds me of.

I might reconsider some of the second bits of rhythm guitar. They contradict the original feel too heavily.

Anyway, I like the sort of 70s jazzy folk feel, and the fact that it develops. It is way too long, though. As cool as the outro is, I think you either need to chop it or find a way to get to it earlier.

Electric Butterfly - I like the down-tuned guitar. The singer is wild, man. It's by no means classically perfect, but I think it's awesome when he he goes nuts. It's just a little inconsistent.

The 2nd guitar doesn't quite seem to know what it's doing, so maybe work on that or drop it all together. I would suggest maybe some textural picking throughout. That "yeah, yeah yeah" bit maybe hit the crazy bent doublestops on the 2 and 4, or maybe just the 4.

I think the biggest problem you have is letting the songs run longer than they need to, but I really like the bits of the songs and the playing.
i really dig the concept of eve...very trippy folk meets jazzy psych.Just clen up some of the single note stuff so it synchopates better with therhythym and it'll be a killer tune!Electric butterfly has a very hendrixian vibe especially with the rhythm.Nice vocals as well.Very haunting yet soulful...