Some of you guys may remember a couple weeks back how i broke the bushing on my bridge for the whammy bar on my peavey wolfgang.

I ordered the replacement bar from StewMac and got it in like, 4 business days total. This was actually quite fast considering we chose the cheapest shipping (1st class mail).

I remember someone asking for a report on how it fits and it fits like a glove i must say. I'm very pleased with this and it's a schaller part so i know it'll last.

That's all
The best place I found for replacement Floyd Rose parts is floydrose.com directly. I needed a trem arm but the old school style, not the new ones that have the collar on the bar because it was a Floyd from the 80's. Anyways, emailed them and got one shipped to Canada for $18 total.


...and they also sent the little nut that attaches to the Floyd so you can screw it into the bridge.
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