Because I'm not a guitar building hero, i figured, heck, I may as well do something for the 100GBP build comp. I'm only going to be customising my Les Paul 100, and because i'm only doing a few things, i'm limiting my budget to far less than most others. i plan to do the whole thing on 60AUD, starting out with a totally stock Epiphone LP100 (in Tobacco burst)
my plans include chrome pickup covers, doing something about the pickup selector, a jazz style trapeze tailpiece, and a new or modified pick guard. after that, i'm considering putting black pickup rings, and a new truss rod cover on it.

images coming soon, folks!
the tailpiece and chrome covers are on now. photos!
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The point of the build is to BUILD something. Not replace parts.
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^Hes right. Sorry. Unless you plan on cutting up some wood, its not a 100gbp build.
to all of y'all who don't call it a build
you're absolutely right.
that's why it's not quite the same. and why I'm limiting myself so much on the budget.
I understand it's not a "build" more a "modification" (ooeeeooo twist)