Fellow UGs,

I am in a dilemma to choose between the 2 guitars mentioned above. Tried them both, and loved them both. The Alleykat has a factory set low action and plays very well to my liking, and it sounds very warm for blues. The Dot has a higher action, but I don't think it will be an issue as it could be set up later on. Sound wise, it is pretty good for rock and ok for blues.

I play rock and blues. I could say these guitars' performance is a hard call for me to choose between.

Nevertheless, the Alleykat costs a couple of hundred more than the Dot.

I am seeking for any insights or opinions, from anyone who has tested both, or anyone who have any suggestions or comments regarding my which my choice would be.
I own an epiphone dot and I find it well worth the money, It has a warm tone and a nice weight to it, and a smooth glossy neck and finish. However it is a bit bulky and is wider than the alleykat which can make playing awkward (depending on your style of music).

The dot has a very nice semi-acoustic tone and is very bluesy, and it has fairly good hardware stock. It comes with grover tuners installed and the electronics a very good for the price range. and the finish is extremely beautiful, it is very glossy and was flawless on my guitar(black finish) . However the pick guard is fairly cheap(It can be replaced).

the dot's factory action is fairly awkward on its lower frets out-of-box, however with professional setup it can be easily lowered to your preference. It has a fairly wide neck which can make faster playing a bit difficult, but it is great for bending and vibrato techniques and has a pleasant distance between strings for chords. Also because of its neck and body style hammer on and pull offs are a breeze, however for speed techniques like finger-tapping can prove difficult due to the wide and fairly slow neck.

one drawback to its design is the slightly awkward shape of the guitars back. it pushes slightly outwards and the weight of the guitar can cause fatigue. The strap pins are also fairly difficult at first. It is well balanced but the design takes some getting used to.

Overall I think that the dot is exceptional for its price however as I do not own an alleycat myself I cannot verify that it is the right choice for its style however for someone an a budget it is a very worthwhile investment for its price.
Thanks for the replies. Tod that has been informative for me. I might give it a second try at both choices again next week before I purchase either one. In the meantime, would still appreciate more opinions.
I have a Dot Deluxe Flametop and really like it, but have no experience with the other.