I want to replace my black SG pickgaurd on my Epiphone G-310 (full plate) but can only find gibson replacements.

Will they fit my epiphone?
Or does anyone know of any place that sells epiphone fullplates?
Just check to see if the screws are in the same places - if so, you should be able to use them.

If not you can have one custom made by a place like


Or you could always order the material and cut it yourself.

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you should be able use a Gibson one.
the screw holes may be different but if they don't match up you can make your own holes.
A gibson might fit but all the spacings will be different. The epis are made to metric so there will be gaps where it should be tight against things like pickups. And probably none of the holes will line up.
the Epiphone G-310 pickguard cant be replace cause it diferent of any other SG guitar

the normal SG have the bridge on the pickguaerd but the Epiphone G-310 dont


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