Ok, I've tried everything to try and play a B major chord or B shaped barre cleanly. Whatever I do I seem to mute the high E string so I adjust my fingers to correct this and end up muting the B string.

Has anyone got any tips or techniques to playing this chord cleanly? Need it before I throw my guitar out of my window!

Thanks soooo much in advance!
just slow down, take the time to position you hand so that each note rings out when picked individually, then just keep trying that. Eventually you will get to the point where the chord feels easy, just practice at it for a while.
well, i just barre the second fret with my index finger(next to the thumb) fret the 4th fret b-string with my middle finger, 4th fret g-string with my pinky, and 4th fret d-string with the ring(?) finger(next to the pinky
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I personally prefer the sound without the E-string. I just barre the 3 strings at the 4th fret with my ring finger.
Make sure you have all the notes fretted before you even begin to think of your right hand. Play each note accending EXTREMELY SLOWLY.

How long have you been playing? You simply may not have developed your muscles enough to play this chord, which will come in time.

Don't get discouraged, you brain and body has already performed much harder tasks then playing guitar, my proof being your still alive.

Just take it slow and if it doesn't work and your getting frustrated, take an hour or so off, no one is holding a gun to your head (I assume) and making you play this chord.
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Are you making a double barre? If not try that. If you are, try using all four fingers instead (I can't my fingers are too big )
I've got big hands but pretty thin fingers (think shovel palms and piano fingers) and i can't fret the notes individually. An 'A SHAPE' major chord is easiest if you form a barre with your ring finger. Just do it, then bring the back of your finger up slightly so it missed the high E, and you're good to go. It's a bitch, but it just takes time
Are you using 1 and 3 or all your fingers to create this shape?

My vote is give it time, either way. At least you're listening for dead notes! I would love most of my pupils to pay as much attention as you.

Interestingly enough, this chap - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1zUeiNQiPM - told me that getting a clean A shape barre chord with 1 and 3 is the hardest single thing you'll ever learn on a guitar. Food for thought!