Just wanted to see what everyones views of this little amp was out of sheer boredomness.

Just say what you play and your experience with the amp.

It's a pretty nice amp. I haven't tested it out too fully, but I think it's a bit overpriced to be honest. I can get a nice range of tones, but I was never like "wow" while playing it.
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^^^ It may seem overpriced, BUT, as I never had any issues with it in 3 years, didnt have to get it warrantied or replace the tubes first thing like with many lower priced amps. Its a case of get what you pay for. I really liked the one I had. I didnt need 30 watts anymore so got rid of it. But it was very nice amp. I wish they made a lower watt version of it.
i liked it, but they're overpriced in the UK (£800-£900? ).
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