That is cool stuff, I enjoyed your other videos as well. Looks like heaps of fun and sounds really cool. Nice work!
Wow. That was incredible. When I first clicked the link, I saw the 5:38 time mark and I was like ugh. Of course, I watched the whole thing with amazement. I love loop jamming, and going from instrument to instrument is awesome. I couldn't hear the bass (I'm on a laptop at the moment, the speakers are horrid), so I'll listen to it again later for that reason. I'm really likin' all the pentatonic licks you have. The guitar tone at first was pretty thin (dunno if it was because of the speakers or not) but it still sounded good with everything else added in. The only critique I can add, is to tell you that you should start using your pinky more. If you wanna play pentatonic rock for the rest of your life that's cool man, but if you wanna start getting into more stuff your pinky really makes life a whole lot easier. Other than that, everything was just awesome. I would love to see another jam like that. If you make another one, post it, I would love to watch it. Nice job!

edit: I loved your solo tone, it was really nice.

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Ahhhhh! My brain's going to explode because of the awesomeness!! Dude that's some serious riffage. Your solo tone is amazing. There is seriously nothing wrong with it. It's perfect. Okay. Maybe the drums could have a little bass end to them but who cares right? It's already so awesome. Your solo beats the **** out of anything I've ever played. You got skills dude. Keep it going. Let me know any future music you make by sending me a message.

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Thanks everybody! Crit'd everybody back. MaskedMurader, thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind!