Are they any good?

I just bought one, hasnt arrived yet but i was thinking about replacing the pickups on it.

I wanted to mod it to get rid of the gold hardware and replace it with black hardware but then gold pickups would look out of place, so i was looking at getting some black humbuckers, seymour duncans maybe?

My budget is only about £60-70, any other ideas for my pricerange that would sound better than epiphone pickups?
it's the color of the pickups... why would you change the tone of the guitar for a cosmetic thing like that?
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can you remove the gold pickup covers?

I'd wait until you get the guitar and play it a little before spending money to change something you haven't even heard.

Don't upgrade a guitar you don't own yet.

Play it for a few months through a DECENT amp and then think how would you like to shape your tone a little more.

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When you get the guitar you can try removing the covers! I did it with my Gold Top to see if I liked it better. The PUs on the Elitists are USA Gibsons so I thought it would be worth a try and they're fine. Caution, I'm an experienced solderer though and used a 100-150watt iron to remove the solder bridge holding the covers on to avoid overheating the PU by applying heat too long. If you have no experience soldering & don't have the proper tools I wouldn't recommend trying this. Also, I can't cofirm this but many have comlained about the lower quality PUs in the Korean/Chinese Epis and removing the covers may make them look better but not change the sound much.
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