I just started playing the guitar and I have been trying to learn by ear. Started with simple nusery rhymes and now progressing into slightly more complex.

One question I have got is if the melody of a song is played in a scale for argument sake let say C scale. Are all the notes usual restricted to the 7 notes in particular octave ?

or can one switch notes between ocatves as long as they are in the same key?

For eg

Was back in the Uk for holidays over xmas and caugth the theme on TV


These were the notes I retrived by ear


CCEFGEFEG(think there is an error here as I writing from work need to be in front of a guitar)

Notes from BBC of using notes between octaves :


http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/parents/acti … se/ms2.swf

Recongnising intervals => Major 2nd
I think using any notes from the same key is fine not matter about their position/octave
it doesn't matter
notes from the octave above or below are the same, just higher pitched.
If songs were written in one octave things would get pretty dull
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would that not depend on the type of scale as well

eg you could use C minor and C blues, the C blues has the added b5 but they are in the same key
They are not in the same key. The blues scale may have the b5, but they have a completely different sound. You could change to using the blues scale pretty easily from the C Major scale, but they are not the same.

And no, it does not depend on the scale. You can play any scale, in any octave, and it'll still be the same thing... just a higher or lower pitch.