Connecting audio interface, rack mount and midi-keyboard to record into Cubase

Hello everyone, I have a slight problem, I don't know how to make the sound from the soundmodule to record into Cubase via my audio interface.

Currently I only have my soundmodule hooked up to my midi-keyboard, but what I want to do is to connect these two units to my audio interface, but I don't know how to connect it correctly.

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- Using 5 pin MIDI cables run the OUT of the MOTIF to the IN on the interface, then run the IN of the MOTIF to the OUT on the interface.
- Also run the main audio outs to two audio inputs of the interface.
- Lastly, Plug the Axiom controller into a USB port.

If Cubase, you will need to go though the help files (F1 key) to figure out how to setup your audio and MIDI tracks. You may also want to go through Tweak's Guide to better understand how MIDI and audio recording work. That guide should get you started fairly quickly. (the guide is in my sig)

The Rack ES is an outstanding unit. I hope to get one as well some day. I look forward to your future recordings.

MIDI is simply used to control software or hardware, audio can be routed from the hardware and into the interface to be recorded on the computer.

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Woah, thanks! I did what you told me!

but you wrote the same thing twice here, is that correct?
- Using 5 pin MIDI cables run the out of the MOTIF to the in on the interface, then run the out of the MOTIF to the in on the interface.

Am I not supposed to use the in on the MOTIF and out on the Audio Kontrol 1?

Yes, the ES is great! I recently got it, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Thanks again!
(I will probably send you a PM later)
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fixed that little typo
thanks for letting me know.

Feel free to send me a PM at any time about any questions but be aware that I don't use Cubase so I don't know much about settings and such in it. A few members here on the forums who also know their stuff do use Cubase so they can be of some help for those types of questions.
I can get Cubase to record the midi, but I can't hear what i'm playing and I can't hear the stuff I recorded when pressing play...
Have you selected the MIDI module as the input on the track you are recording to? It's on the left of the screen in edit view.
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I really need help with this, anyone?

I can see the MIDI being "wrote" down in Cubase, but I can't hear any sound while playing or pressing play after recording the MIDI-signals.
Hm, well, I did try that, but I will try it once more.
Any other suggestions on what it could be?
Maybe the connection is wrong?
you have to have it all pluged in before you load cubase
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