I walked up to my Epiphone Valve Special amp a minute ago and it was very quiet... i could barley hear it over the sound of the strings,

Ive tried it with several guitars...

i think it may be the power amp tube... though i want to be sure

Its not usually the loudest amp but unless ive gone very deaf its much quieter than normal....

On second inspection

The 3 band EQ has no effect at all
The reverb dosnt work

The gain works though even at full whack its quiet

The DSP fx work...

maby a preamp tube... to my luck i have a spare one lying around one lying around

Ill do that in a wile...

if any of you have any ideas... the'll be most apreciated
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try changing the tubes.
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Yar... im at it now

Dont know why i didnt mention this but ive been having to hit it to get it to start up (dont call me brutal)

I mean when i furst switch her on there'll be no sound apart from a faint buzz... and if i hit it (even lightly) it wakes up and makes music... somtimes if i just re-connect the lead...
Yeah that seems to have solved it for now

I think ill get a load of tubes and re-tube the whole amp....

(well its only 3 on thisun so its not that bad)

I usually use electro harmonics though have you got any sujestions?

Sounds like it may well be the digital part of the amp that's broken, take it back on warranty?
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Been away for a wile...

The fuse hasnt blown witch makes me think its not the output tube (Witch lights up, though that could just mean the heaters are fine and the rest is ****ed ) its out of warranty, and ive replaced the tubes, after replacing the tubes i got no noise at-all, though for a short wile with the original tubes i got some sound...

ill sum that up

FUSE = Fine
Preamps= new
Warrenty = nothing
Sound = nothing
speaker = Slight hum

Though the tubes are fine (i think ) brand new electro harmonics, same model (im not that stupid )

I dont get anything with the old tubes now either... ive given it a good 1/2 hour on standby to warm up and burn in, but still nothing

Im not sure again, im new to tubes all i know is it sounds like sweet melting butter

Any help muchly appreciated

(Hmmm i think i should just chuck it and get an AC30, though the wallet dosnt allow that )
If the amp didn't work until you hit it then you probably have a bad connection somewhere.
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Probably going to the digital part of the amp. Hitting it made it work. As its out of warranty maybe find a way to bypass the digital part of the amp. Or use it to build a different amp like many do with the Vjr.
I was thining that..... and from memory when i pressed the digital Fx mute it did somtimes spark into action

ill find a schematic and fire up the soldering iron

I never used the digital FX anyway... i did like the reverb though i may be able to leave that in
Right.... its now working... but its very quiet.... its definatly not the output tube becuae ive tryed a new one...


Very muddy sound

Preamp working fine

Im thinking it may be the way ive bypassed it becuae there is talk that different models need to be bypassed in different ways... ive gone from the trebble to the the centre of the board (i think thats the master volume...)

So god knows... could be a dead cap though i doubt it.... i may try putting the board back in and seeing what happens

Any ideas would be gracefully loved
(would like this to be going soon... i dont want to go amp shopping now ive a gig in a week i'd end up with a solid state marshall or somthing else horrible )