well im looking for a nylon string acoustic/electric from 95 quid too 150 quid can anyone recomend a brand thats good value for money
No such thing as a nylon string electric. They have to be metal to create a signal through the pickup's magnetic field. Nylon doesn't react.
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umm Lorenzo??? i have a spanish guitar that they made with nylon strings and it sounds nice
Here is the cheapest I have seen

Check that one out, I have played it a few times, it is not real big on sound unless its plugged in but its nice regardless, especially for the price. You are just gonna have to save a little more

People, he wants a nylon acoustic/electric... Meaning you can plug it into an amp and get sound. Yes its highly possible, I have played many at guitar center, they have built in pickups that pickup the nylon strings sound and an onboard preamp. Ever seen Yngwie's classical acoustic (nylon strings) song on G3??? There is clearly a cord coming out of the back of that guitar and its being amplified somewhere...
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I have the Ibanez Nylon Acoustic/Electric that LoveStaindRed posted a link to. It's sweet. It's my favorite acoustic. I love this guitar better than my steel string acoustics And at 300.00 not bad on the pocketbook.