Hey, I am thinking of picking up yet another amp. This time I'm looking at the Carvin V3. Do any of you guys have one, or have you played one? The thing looks versatile as heck, and from the clips I've seen and heard the gain channels on it sound like the gain channel on a Mesa Single Rectifier, which I like. Its also much cheaper, which I also like.

Any thoughts or opinions?

2nd part of my question: what kind of cab would you suggest to pair with it? I'm thinking either a 2x12 3/4 back Mesa cab with black shadows or on the opposite side, something very British sounding?
It is a very versatile cab. The only problem i had with the one i played is that the cleans are sub par.

As for cabs what about Avatar?

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Thanks for the input guys. It sounds pretty killer. I'm still thinking Mesa 3/4 closed back cab. But we will see.