But I relize I anchor. I'm not asking if I do or not. I know I do. My pinky has to constantly be out of my hand, and it just rests on the guitar. When I palm mute, I use it to lift my hand and get the notes on the other strings (if that makes sense).

But my question is... how do I quit? I read the sticky already, but I still feel i'm doing it wrong. I lift my pinky off the guitar and fold it in, but then I have it resting on the strings... and that just feels all wrong. I can't seem to figure out a way that's comfortable to play in without my pinky resting on the strings. And palm muting fast, and chugging is alot harder without my pinky there... help? What do I do to make this feel better?
here's what you do. stop touching the guitar with your pinky! if you suck when you take it off, then practice until you're better. breaking a bad habit means learning to do it the right way all over again.

when you're palm-muting, go ahead and touch the strings. you kinda need to. just don't have your picking hand glued to the guitar when you're playing non-muted notes.

ps - i'm sure someone will rip on you for not using the sticky... this may even get closed.
Play slow while not anchoring. If you feel tense, relax and play slower.
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Experiment, experiment, experiment. With posture, pick grip, etc.

At the end of the day, some people just have really big hands and their fingers are always going to trail across the guitar - however, they don't affix themselves to any one point. All you have to do is release your hand completely, then grip the pick - that's how your hand should be when picking. Apply that to the guitar.
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But my question is... how do I quit? What do I do to make this feel better?

First, look at the reason you HAVE to put your finger on the guitar to be comfortable.
Most likely, it's to stabilize your hand position. Without stability you can't hit the
strings accurately. So, you NEED stability. But, it definitely doesn't have to come
from resting your hand on any part of the guitar. It comes from ARM CONTROL. If
it's uncomfortable without resting, you don't have any. So, what you need to
practice is ... arm control. tada.