The song is in my profile or you can just click here

So in the song is me and my friend Mike. I'm playing all the guitar parts while he's playing the viola and also doing the singing. We'd both love feedback on what you guys think.
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I really, geniunly enjoyed that.
I loved the tone of the guitar when it was distorted, and the viola was a nice touch.
I didn't love the vocals to begin with, but they really grew on me, however, occasionally the d's were over pronounced (If that's the right word?)

Really great cover
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About the same remarks as guy above me, it was a pretty good cover and the vocals grow on you. Sounds very nice and great tone all around.
I really liked it. My comments are pretty much the same as the other 2 guys above me. Vocals were ok in the beginning, but they definitely got better as it went on. The verses were pretty good, but they got boring after a while, and the distorted guitar was great. The viola was also very good, as it's an instrument that not a lot of people use, it made the song more interesting in parts where it otherwise would have just dragged on. Overall great job!