Head over to my profile and check out my covers of Guardians of Asgaard by Amon Amarth and Free by Powerman 5000. They're both full covers except that Guardians has no vocals.
The Amon Amarth cover was pretty good. The first 45 seconds it sounded like you ripped it right from the track, you really had their tone (to the T, actually). The rest was okay. The rhythm is your best there, luckily Amon Amarth has good catchy rhythms. The riffs sounded similar but somewhat out of tune. The solo was okay, needs work though but I could definitly get the jist of it.
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Thanks. I know that they use Krank amps but I also noticed in a studio video that they were using some Engl amps to record and Line 6 Gearbox has an Engl Powerball simulator so I used that to get the tone. As to the out of tune point you made: I didn't properly set my guitar up to handle the low tuning that the song called for (Drop A). I just tuned my guitar down, so in some places when I'm pressing too hard on the fret the pitch changes making it sound out of tune a bit.