omg, that's... fruity
I fell asleep on my arm once, scariest thing that ever happened to me. I thought it was kill.
arent they the spinning ones off the ZZ top vid?

possibly for legs
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
would you play it naked for extra comfort?
Lady Gaga if you're out there, i don't care if you have a penis or not, i will marry you
Why doesn't it surprise me that it's a Dean? :S
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Screw playing it

I'D BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then play it..... O.o
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what would that be called? a Fibson with Gender confusion issues?
it takes a man to grow a beard

It takes a REAL man to grow a beard on his bass

Which would require some skill in botany. Which is Manly as all hell
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
I like the color of the fretboard
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I've seen this, it's in the video for Legs if anyone is interested.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

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I have an old charvel covered in fake tiger fur!

pics or it didnt happen!

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I happen to enjoy every mankiss from shinhoman.
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That's dusty hills bass, billy gibbons has a guitar like that too, too bad beard doesn't have a fluffy drumset....

Still funny how the guy with beard for a last name is the member without a beard.

I'd totally play this bass, maybe only for the lulz but i'd still do it. The fret board looks really nice to.
"Rome wasn't built in a week"

"Yeah but when they built rome, they didnt go "hey look, there's a functional building" AND ****ING KICK IT OVER AND PISS ON THE ASHES BECAUSE THE PEASANTS WERE CRYING THAT IT WAS TOO GLORIOUS AND AWESOME."