Well I know that a bass through a guitar amp can ruin it but what if your amp has a line in function for an mp3 player or something of the such? Will the bass in the songs mess up the amp? I'm also looking into getting a Whammy Pedal so if I go down a semitone or even 2 semitones could the low signal mess up my amp?
Don't think so.
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I don't see any problem with using the line in feature...and I know that a whammy pedal won't mess it up.
Can't a whammy pedal go down a whole octave? That would certainly be bad for the speaker, wouldn't it?
Just to clarify a little, your guitar makes frequencies as low as a bass guitar's low E. They're harmonic frequencies relating to the vibrations of the string and the wood and all sorts, but they happen nonetheless.

The difference is, that these frequencies are much weaker and are not the dominant frequency (pitch) of a note and are not even audible to you or me. On a bass, the dominant frequencies are a lot lower and more powerful and as a result it's partly due to how much the speakers need to move to recreate the sound and partly down to the electrics in the amp that digitally recreate the incoming (analogue) signal.

Using a Whammy should be fine, because your amp will simply stop producing the signals lower than a certain point most likely. This is to prevent the amp or speakers blowing if you were to play while tuning a string very low. Also, bear in mind people play 7-strings and baritone guitars tuned lower than a standard-tuned guitar.

Bass amps are simply better-suited and more-capable at reproducing lower frequencies, but they're also very clean for the volume and many acoustic guitarists use bass amps before buying a dedicated acoustic amp.

As for the line in, as long as you don't have the amp on full that should be fine. When I was at school we plugged in a bass to a Peavey Bandit 112 all the time because the bass amp was even worse sounding and the bass needed the extra volume. I wouldn't advise doing it to an expensive valve amp but it is unlikely to do any damage immediately.

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Can't a whammy pedal go down a whole octave? That would certainly be bad for the speaker, wouldn't it?

Do you think Digitech would make a pedal for guitarists, if it was going to damage equipment and get them countless lawsuits? Besides, the Digitech Whammy (at least the current ones) can shift both up and down by 2 octaves.
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Unless you're pumping, say, 50W+ through a single 10" speaker at full blast for prolonged periods of time, you won't do any damage to the speaker cone.
a bigger problem would be running a bass head through a guitar cab because the speakers aren't built to handle those frequencies at that volume but running a bass through a guitar amp wouldn't be the end of the world.
Alright thanks guys for settling my worries. Now time to go get myself that pedal
its not the amp, its the speaker. at low volumes, i think you'll be fine. before you buy the whammy though, what amp do you have?

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