I was checking out the local craigslist a bit ago and found a Jackson Warrior my question is has anybody heard anything about it and is this a good deal?
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Looks like a pretty nice deal for an X series as long as everything (IE the trem) works correctly.
the emg pickup would be a nice touch for 200 its a good deal if its all in working condition
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**** man i'd jump on that **** right the **** now, but thats just me. The warriors are pretty ****ing awesome. I've played a few and they usually go for like at least 500, so 200 aint bad for it. I really like them, but personally i think i would go for a kelly over a warrior, BUT that warrior is awesome. I say go for it.
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I've never seen a used one under $300 if that tells you something. Granted the X series isn't exactly "creme le crop", but they are great players and that is a steal. If you can afford it, get it. Keep in mind that the seller doesn't mention a case with the guitar.
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