How does the Epiphone G-400 weight? I have played it but not enough to establish a weight. I want to know a weight before I make a leap and order it.
play it again then and see - how can you judge by being told what it weighs?

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they are extremely light - most of the weight is in the neck, so be prepared for neck-dives (not a serious problem, just a minor nuisance).

My advice would be that you buy the same one you played, as ordering online will save you money but you'll get a different guitar, and they are all individual to a certain extent - also epiphone's quality control is allegedly very bad, though this is only something i've noticed with the cheap, bolt-neck models.
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last year me and a friend jammed together, he took his epi les paul standard that he had bought like 2 years before then, around 3 years ago now...anyway, I took my g-400 his les paul weighed much less than my g-400. I was surprised. I am not sure how much it weighs though.
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According to the scale, mine weighs 7.5lbs with a 9v battery installed.
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The bodies are very light, but the necks are much heavier than Gibson versions. The neck is a little bit thicker than the typical slim 60's neck on Gibson SGs, and the necks on most Epi SGs is two-piece maple, which is a very heavy wood. They neck dive like crazy. Even if you reposition the front strap button and use a thick raw-backed leather strap, it'll still dive down.
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The neck dive is there but it's not quite that bad. It happens, but after a while you get so used to it that you don't even notice.

I use the regular strap button and a pretty ordinary nylon strap and the neck barely dives at all
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I had a G400 for four years and it wasn't light as a feather but was comfortable.
the differing responses back up what i said yesterday about every model being varied to certain extents - clearly the weight and balance is something that differs from one G-400 to the next, as mine is practically weightless and neckdives like mad.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.