Last night at work a notice was put up saying that as of Feb 1st, everyone at must wear black shoes. According to the management, we have to pay for them. I deal alot with unloading trucks, lots of pallets, forklifts and heavy skids around. I learned the hard way a few months ago that steel toed boots are a must. I wear standard tan coloured steel toed work boots, which I only got a few months ago. I'm just wondering what your guys opinion is on this? My boots are nearly brand new and I don't want to go out and spend $150 on a new pair just because of the colour, tan work boots are pretty standard I think.

So what do you think? Should I have to pay for new work boots just because of the colour?
I think you should take this up with your manager and not the pit.
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Paint yours black?

What are you, Mick Jagger?

I'd ask them to at least put some money towards them.
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Paint yours black?

♫I see some tan shoes and I want to paint them black...♫

But yeah, do it.
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I think you should take this up with your manager and not the pit.

Already tried my friend...
Black Spray Paint

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And what did they say?

As I said in the original post, we have to pay for them.
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As I said in the original post, we have to pay for them.

kick the **** out of your manager while wearing your steel toed boots, it would actually color them red, but you know whatever.
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spray paint them black dude **** what your manager says
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Just tell them you'll buy a pair when you can afford to, then when you eventually need new ones just buy black ones. I don't think they can force you to go and buy new boots just because they fancied a uniform change+if you say you can't afford it they don't really have the right to question you any further
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If they are required for safety no, there's a labor law they have to give you an allowance, you have to look it up Im too lazy.

If it's just "black shoes" with no mention of steel toe, etc. you're effed.
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