Does that crazy fool cut all his mids out because I can never hear bass in most of their songs. the only song I can hear bass in is bitch slap.

Is there a way I could hear bass in there new stuff,/ other songs with audible bass?
maybe you need to change the EQ on whatever you're using to listen to it because i can hear it fine even with the bass down low. The bassist for my band listens to music with the bass all the way up and the treble down low and all you can hear is the bass and drums.

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If you're listening through cheap earphones/regular computer speakers you'll have a problem.

Buying yourself a good hi-fi to play your computer through will increase your listening pleasure tenfold.

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Get a program like Audacity or Adobe Audition and use it to boost the bass, if it's in there you'll be able to find it.
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Circle from Vol. 3 has super audible bass.
Otherwise, i know what u mean.
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even with my crappy $10 headphones I can hear it off my mp3 player, but it is a lot clearer on my computer with my subwoofer...then again I have my subwoofer volume maxed and run with high low end EQ settings on my pc.
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Yeah I bought an altec lansing rig with speakers/sub set up, and man has my music experience jumped! I hear bass in And Justice for All! Koss makes those bud/ear phones that are like bose, but they help increase the total sound. I really enjoy pumping out some Outkast or Jay Z once in a while to bass the whole house!
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He uses distortion 90% of the time which tends to blend in with the rhythm guitar because of its EQing. So if you can't hear the bassline you can always play variations of the rootnotes of the rhythm guitar.
he literally beefs up the guitar sounds, in iowa(album) u can hear its presence but not the note it self, if u know what i mean.......

u can hear it really well in wait an bleed, snuff, my plague
another reason u cant hear it well is that the bass plays the same riffs as the guitar and the guitars are tuned really low.
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you have to go through itunes and click on a song. go to the thing that says EQ and set it to Bass boosters. also you can boost your bass through your ipod thats in the settings menu and clikc EQ and click bass boosters. doesnt say anything but it works.
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Frankly, I heard his actual tone in sound check when I saw them, and it's really terrible, so I don't count it as a shame you can barely hear it.

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it's very audible in I Am Hated. and he plays the same riffs as the rhythm guitar with distortion, and its tuned BEAD. so its very hard to hear in most of their songs. its more subconcious, you can pick it out, but it would feel very empty without it.