I am wanting to get a electric guitar after playing my Ibanez Acoustic electric for the past year. but with the different scale lengths its hard to decide now my ibanez has the scale length of the Fender.... so should i stick with that since thats wat i learned on..... now the gibson scale is shorter so they say its easier to play and not as much stretching to reach strings. now i like classic rock(70s-80s) and Blues and i am deciding between a Epiphone Les Pauls Standard and a strat(now i know wat you guys are gonna say the strat is the best for blues and its the most versatile guitar. but i love the sound of both. ive also heard that since the fender scale is longer its harder to play than the gibson scale.... how much harder?. now i know that the fender due to the tension of the strings there tighter and the gibson scale guitars are looser but ive heard that they also have a great chance at fret buzz. now i am gonna be buying of Musicians Friend and theres no guitar shop anywhere around so please dont tell me to just go and try them out cause i cant so which scale would be better strat(longer/ i learned how to play on this scale length/harder to play/more harsh on fingers) or Epiphone LP(Shorter/easier to play/ less tension/ looser feeling/but less bluesy than strat...but i think both are VERY versatile Guitars)
Against your brands, try a Schecter C-1 +, they have a really good sound. I don't know your spending limit, but that's a 700$ guitar. I like it's sound and everything. I don't know about your scales predicament, but I like it.
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Scales really don't have that big of a difference. No matter which you choose you will be used to it in a week, most likely even sooner. I have a guitar that has the " gibson scale" 24.75, an Ltd with 25.5 and a baritone which is 27, and I have no problems playing any of them. On a final note playing an acoustic with a 25.5 scale has prepared you for any scale so you don't have to worry that the Fender is 'harsh' to play, granted that 24.75 isn't as 'harsh', it's just a matter of what you get used to
Scale isnt gonna make much of a difference honestly, you will get used to it in a couple days. I would say Ibanez RG since you already have one.
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