Okay so I'm modifying a Gibson Gothic Thunderbird. I'm gonna take of the 3 point bridge and put on a hipshot Gibson replacement bridge i considered making it strings through as well but i don't no if its a worthy endeavor. Any advice would be appreciated.

Then i plan to mod the electronics and this is where I'm actually quite confused.

I wanna keep the master tone then take out both volumes and put in one master linear volume pot so that it is strictly volume up and down. And then in the third hole i have emptied i want to put in a 2 way on/on toggle switch to jump from neck to bridge i don't want a middle option because in my experience with this bass it doesn't sound good with both pickups running and i just wanna be able to switch back n forth seamlessly and have tone control and be able to choose the volume level.
The control format will go Volume,Tone,2way Toggle.

Now I don't know what to do i know 2 way toggle switches exist I've seen them i just don't know how to go about getting one that isn't a mini switch. and i don't no how id wire it even?
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Why not wire it to a push-pull pot?

EDIT: may not work on a bass, I've never seen push-pulls for a bass
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i thought about it for a bit but i think it be easier to have to toggle switchi think i can actually just wire a regular every day house hold switch and wire it in but i'll have to see
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that'd look pretty interesting
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i also contemplated a basic SPDT 2 position toggle switch which isn't meant for guitars but i cant see why it wouldn't work to switch pickups
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you could probably just use a 3 way and just not wire it for a middle spot, but IDK much about wiring
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To be honest, you could just use a 3way toggle. The distance between throws of an on/on compared to an on/on/on is negligible. It's very easy just to whack the switch fully over.

For what you want I'd imagine an SPDT on/on 3 terminal (middle hot) would work. Why do you want a linear volume pot though? Human hearing is logarithmic, if you use a linear pot for vol it doesn't give you a 'linear' increase in perceived volume.
its more cause of accidental flipping people talk about thunderbirds being famous for there muddy sound that mud disappears with one pickup at a time i don't wanna accidentally flick both pickups on and get that mud sound or accidentally flick em off i just want one or the other. and the linear volume pot is based on the idea of a stereo or something where the volume will be just that volume louder quieter and wont effect the heat of your pickups. I did for a short while think of eliminating the volume knob and actually doing a 3 way pickup selector with the middle position being a kill position and having a tone for each individual pickup. Because for my personal use i hate the volume knobs on a bass unless its to mute the instrument but i do use my tone knob
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