I´m planing a custom guitar with a ZR tremolo but i have no idea of the measurements of the holes where the tremolo will be installed and I need those measurements in order to route them
Can anyone help me with this?!?!

... i have no idea where to buy the tremolo, i need help with this allso
to buy, I think eBay may be your only choice. Ibanez doesn't sell to anyone but dealers.
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^True, but if you do go to a dealer you'll be able to order parts through them. Just look the part up on the Ibanez site and go tell your desk jockey to order it.
ibanezrules.com should be able to help.

specifically http://www.ibanezrules.com/parts.htm#Trems

don't know where you'd get routing templates though. rich might be able to help you there but I don't know for sure.
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i think the best idea is to talk qith an ibanez dealer, but there is a problem, i live in colombia and i have no idea where to find a dealer here, or even one in miami (where some relatives live)