I found this crazy thing due to a recent thread. Around the knobs, there are a lot of silver circles that sort of look like switches. Know what this is? Also, there's a black knob in there. What's that? I'll probably look it up somewhere if nobody really knows.

And i'm not planning to buy it either because it's like $8000.
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Some of them are probably coil taps; some are probably kill switches. The black knob could be the modulator or volume for onboard fx. The extra knobs are most likely specific pickup volume adjustments or blenders.

I call it a waste of time, money, and space. If Dime, Satch, and Van Halen didn't need five hundred switches, and Tom Morello only needs one, then I don't see the point in having all of those.
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whoa...un-necessary knobbage?
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Thats a BICH bro. All those switches and knobs are for tonal control. Thats no entry level guitar right there. It even has the the extra strings like a 12 string but leaves the low strings single for clarity. I wish i had those $8,000.
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whoa...un-necasary(sp?) knobbage?


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