just wondering if any of you out there subscribe to any guitar related magazines. i recently got back into playing, and want to get knowledgable on tech e.g pickups, amps, gear in general and would appreciate any input on the sub of good guitar related mags. just subscribed for a year of guitar world, but im still pondering the possibilities of there being somthing arguably better to subscribe to.?
Guitar Player is the best one, IMO... it's music oriented, as opposed to star-oriented, and they always have killer lessons, and honest reviews. They ask their interviewees really good questions, too.

Guitar World is okay, but they have more of a mainstream focus... long story short, they have done cover features on Guitar Hero... that's when I stopped renewing my subscription.

Those are the only two big ones in Canada.
Never bought subs but Guitarist is pretty good (It's British, which may appeal if you dislike amerifag magazines)