I need some help. Sometime this spring i'll be catching a train to somewhere and backpacking the surrounding area. I'm planning on going somewhere thats near enough to a state forest or park that has good trails and allows camping. My destinations are pretty limited due to money and where exactly the trains go. I'm leaving from Indianpolis, IN. I've narrowed it down and have the following destinations to choose from:

Port Huron, Michigan - I can walk to Lakeport State Park

Red Wing, Minnesota - I can walk to Frontenac State Park.

White Sulphur Springs or Montgomery, West Virginia - I'm not sure what is near them but most of Virginia close to White Sulphur Springs is covered with forest.

My question is to anyone who may live in or anywhere near these places and knows the area. I just need to know if these parks or forests allow camping and if there are any good views. I'm looking for some beauty along the way..

Thanks in advance.

Oh and if anyone wants to share some traveling stories of their own feel free. I know theres atleast a few of you like me who like to get out there by yourself.
I like to backpack. I've gone a couple times on the Appalachian trail for a few miles, and alongside the Chesapeake-Ohio Canal (in Maryland). This summer I'm backpacking around Europe... we'll see how that goes.

I suggest that you read The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc, who backpacked from a village in central France to Rome.
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If WVa is in reach go to Dahle Sods. (Pronounced Dolly)
Place is freakin gorgeous.
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If you plan on hiking for multiple days, bring some iodine tablets or a water filter. You won't want to carry a **** ton of water bottles and you WILL run out of whatever water you bring. Bring a lot of small foods as well, crackers, "Clif" bars, etc.
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The Appalachian trail would be great...i hope to do it all someday. But thats in the distant distant future. And I'll check that book out. Thanks Rambler.

And Jackal58...i checked out the Dahle Sods and its in the same forest as where i'd be staying. Thank you so much for that...i'll definitely be there.