So , this is basicly a "and now" post.
It all started in November of 2007, when i bought the worst guitar ever , e ezipy. I started learning with a pc software, but i only learn like on chord or so.

In january of 2008 i decided to take the guitar more seriously and, in 2 months i had a great Boom. : from beeing able to play nothing to be able to play easy song like Wish You were were or Time of your life. I learned the 1st position of pentatonic scale but, without some one to help in this process, i started to not be able to concentrate in my guitar playing : i played a chord from a song, then i moved to lick i heard on the radio, and i dindnt learned almost nothing from then to may, when i got in a school.

My teacher helped me with my weak point( rythm) and taught me some teory. Right now, what i know is: Every song from those pop punk bands ( power cord )
All positions form pentatonic scale
Im able to jam , and sonUd decent
Im able to play cool solos , but i only learned Stairway to Heaven
Some acoustic stuff ( Layla, a rendition of Yesterday with the melody and rythm together
Some teory

But, my problem is what i dont know : I suck with my ear...
I cant compose( only some riffs...
My improvisation sucks...

So, can someone...
help in those 3 points...? Im very frustated, because im think im stuck in my learning

Suggest me what to learn?

Is my level to bad?

PS : I like the most blues, classic rock ( BB kING, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, AC
DC, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Beatles) , i have 16 years, and i own a Epi Les Paul Standard with a Vox Valvetronix amp

btw, sory for my english.....im portuguese
so this does not belong here, lets say the other one does, so use the other one ok?
and no more double posting, ok?*as friendly as possible*its called spamming