The old thread has seemed to disappear. IMO Leche Con Carne is one of the best pop punk/ punk albums ever created. I just downloaded after losing it a while back and holy crap, this album is so good. They are one of the few rare pop punk bands that really use both guitar players to their full potential!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
This band has a pretty solid bass player too. One of the few that effectively uses finger-style rather than using a pick.
I know this is a huge bump and all, but it was either this one, or that other one that had last been touched 2006.

But did anyone hear Tony's solo effort? 12 Song Program. Via Munich and Capo 4th Fret are amazing.
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Wow... I can't believe Tony died. Wow...

This really hit me hard.

Will spend the next few weeks doing nothing but listening to NUFAN.
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Tony's death hit me harder than i thought it would. Maybe because it was so sudden, i dunno. Used to listen to them alot when i was a teen and had recently re-discovered them.
Wish we could've had another album.