PA amplifier JJlabs AE101E 6 micinputs where 2 channels doubles as stereo inputs. 7-band EQ, 2X100W RMS, built-in echo, 3-band EQ on all inputs, effect send and monitor send on all channels. Tape in / out is also available. Here a package with 2 SSDN 12 "song boxes and cables. Price: 3995 SEK or 503USD$ or 373 EURO.

I will play with it at home with my POD 2.0 (guitar).

Thanks for replying!

i want almighty sound and be able to watch movies with it too haha but most for playing guitar and electric drums o.o
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I guess that would be fine.

I mean, if it were just for your POD, I'd recommend an Atomic amp to use as your POD's power amp....

well, i dont know how well the t00bz in the atomic amp are gonna go with his electronic drumming and home theater needs...

i guess that would be good, even though i'd just get some computer monitors, and get some surround sound stuff later for your home theater

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
but i dont wanna play trough computer, i want to play trough the pa system with pod and put in music / mic and later drums i think.