Hey guys,

As I'm planning to expand my gear very soon, it seemed wise to me to try and get some additional information from other people.

First of all, im really, really into blues. I got myself a Gibson SG and a Fender Telecaster, and I'm playing those through a marshall 50 valvestate. I'm happy with the guitars and the amp, but now, i'm in need of some pedals.

What pedals would you advice for blues, especially blues like; Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB king, Jimi Hendrix(Red House) and maybe some John Mayer like sounds?

I'm not really interested in distortion, as I'm very happy with the clean/gain channels on my marshall.

Thanks in advance
get a nice wah and a tubescreamer type pedal.
if you want to get even more into the jimi sound, then a uni vibe type pedal and a fuzz face wil help alot.
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Chea_man is the best.
I love reverb. Get a reverb pedal if your amp doesnt have it. Also, get a nice wah pedal and a germanium fuzz for the hendrix stuff.
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