Today at practice, my telecaster started to make a really loud buzzing sound whenever it got near a cable. This sound covers any playing and made the guitar unusable. I opened up the control panel and looked at the wiring and everything was still connected solidly. I wanted to go through and re shield everything, so if i need to rewire something its not a problem. Or is it something wrong with the input jack. I know it isnt the cable because i tried it with 3 different ones, and it isnt the amp because we used another guitar through it later fine. This didnt happen right when i plugged in. it was it in the middle of a song.
Sounds like you've answered your question. I'd say shielding is your answer the buzzing noise sounds like interference. If the noise goes away when you move away for live cables then its picking up the electro field from that cable. Copper shield tape and a bit of care should sort this out.
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wait im confused. Do i need to shield the wiring in my guitar? is there a way to tell if the shielding is the problem
it would be shielding if it go better when you turned off other electric things near the guitar, flourscent lights, computer displays and tvs etc etc

or take it further from whatevers causing it, and the only way to stop it is to shield your guitar, or use humbuckers.

other possibilities, it could ofc be your amp, assuming your cable and wiring it solid, but not as likely imo
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well actually its the wiring to the input jack. There is a black and white wire going to the input jack and the solder from the black one came loose.

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