I have a '72 telecaster deluxe reissue and the stock pickups can't handle me. What I need is some real humbuckers. I want a pretty edgy distortion sound for hardcore music and hardcore punk. I also play some softer stuff though. Advice on how to figure out what I want and suggestions would be great.

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are u looking for humbuckers with single coil spacing like hot rails or something
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I'm looking for regular humbuckers, but I have no idea how to figure which ones i want.
Ever played a DimeBucker?
Or are you looking for slightly lower gain stuff?
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i dig invaders, also basic dimarzio distortion are really awesome very hot but also quite articulate
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never played one.
i'm versatile as **** though. hah.
i play a lot of hardcore so the gain is all the way up a lot.
Well if your looking for High Gain, then definitely think about getting and maybe try out the Dimebuckers, you get CRAZEEE Gain out of em, there on most Dean Razorbacks/Mls so next time your at the shop, give em a go.
If your gonna be changing stuff around alot, then maybe just get a really nice neck pickup?
Cos as far as im concerned, when im doing high gain **** i use my Bridge and for everything else i either roll down the distortion, volume, or use the neck pickup. lol
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No, nub.

TS, Look into Seymour Duncans for more edge, or Dimarzios for more versatility.

as well, have you tried tweaking your amp a bit? often if you can change your sound to one you like, you won't need a new set of pups.