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SD Mayhem
3 21%
EHM Metal Muff
5 36%
Line 6 Uber Metal
1 7%
other pedal
5 36%
Voters: 14.
okay... i got a 6505+ running through a marshall cab and i LOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE it. BUT! i want a distortion pedal to get get a different sounding distortion i love the sound i get outta my amp but i want to have the ability to switch from dist to dist or OD to dis, etc
right now i have a DOD Yngwei Ibanez TS808 a Badmonkey, an ISP decimator, and a MXR ten band EQ.

so i need a new distortion or OD pedal for a different sound either a heavier one and dial back my amp or a lighter one ang keep my amps gain at over 9000, i have a few ideas.

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem

Electro- Harmonix Metal Muff

or the Line 6 Uber Metal


which one would you choose, or if you have a better option, what is it? (plz provide link)

as for Wahs i want a really good wah for heavy distortion work im thinking about:

Morley Bad Horsie Wah

or the Dunlop Crybaby from Hell

suggestion? choices? recommendations? insults?
for a distortion pedal i would suggest a Damage control demonizer but the SD Mayhem is good too but your amp already have gobs of distortion. i think running a Maxon OD or a Fulltone OCD on your amps dirty channel will be better

wor a wah i think the crybaby is better than the morley, imo.
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Seymour duncan mayhem and crybaby from hell both blow awaay there competion here
Im curious, why are you looking at 1 $225 pedal and 2 $100 ones?
shouldnt it be obvious the $225 one will be better?
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Personally, I can't see how you need another od, what with the tubescreamer and all....

But the only advice I can give you on those pedals is that the Dimewah, is totally awsome. Happy trails, dude

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Seymour duncan mayhem and crybaby from hell both blow awaay there competion here
Im curious, why are you looking at 1 $225 pedal and 2 $100 ones?
shouldnt it be obvious the $225 one will be better?

because im looking for a different sound, like my amp has a specific sound which i love, but all i have is clean and that epic high gain plus my tubescreamer and yngwei give me blues + neo classical but i still need some regular OD
havent really reached a conclusion here guys... where's that IbanezPsycho guy i saw him on this who to listen to list so i came here...

been liike 15 minutes

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i'd get a lighter distortion/heavier overdrive pedal, the 5150 is pretty good at t3h br00talz already. you might as well use it for the tone it's designed for...
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I have decided on that boss wammynpedal thing, I need a wah not a wammy and if I wanted fuzz I'd get a big muff