So I have about $600 right now. I was thinking of getting a new amp, but after going to Guitar Center they had this beautiful used Schecter C-1 Classic, normally $750 for just $450. I played it and it sounded great. With my coupon it'll be about $400, leaving me with still $200 for a startr for re-saving for a new amp.

What would you guys do? I think my sound is fine, not awful but could obviously be improved.
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personally i don't go for an arsenal of guitars. the majority of a good guitar sound comes from the amp from my observations. the rest lies in the pickups, and then the strings. i know, theres much much more than that, but that's just what i believe to be true. some of the best/most famous songs were recorded with a crappy $100 strat.

if your guitar that you have now is just fine, get a great sounding amp. trust me, it's way better than a new guitar if you like live performing/audio recording at all

edit: i should have said, 'but thats what i believe to be 'vital'. something along those lines.

but either way, just get your money's worth! haha
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
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get an amp or pickups,no need for a new guitar
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I would just keep saving for the amp, I see that kind of schecter on craigslist frequently and cheaper too.