Hey, I was just simply wondering what the general theory atheists had on the subject of exorcism. I'm a christian and my religion teacher last year told me a pretty interesting story about a fellow pastor of his who underwent the process of exorcism with a girl for a weeks but had to stop because of eerie instances. Apparently they held the girl in a room, and upon entering the room one could feel a cool air overcoming them. Also, apparently, the girl stereotypically exuded many of the attributes that the girl from "The exorcist" film did. However, all of this did not make the pastor lose his complete resolve. What did make him actually stop the process was when the girl actually revealed a secret about him that he only told one other person (The secret was that he cheated on one of his tests in seminary). This story actually got me thinking about exoricism and I did some research on it, but I would like to know what atheists truly think on the matter besides remarking things such as: "Your religion teacher was lying" or "The people 'infected' just want attention." Thank you very much for your help.