umm i like the general feel of it but.... you could take this song soo much further with some more tracks, lay down a few little pieces of guitar all over ands just a few little things to add to the song on in on, really play with your mixer it's fun.

umm and im not saying this to be a dick but.. right in the very beginning right after you say the line about hendrix it kind of sounds to me like your band just got drunk, (like not you individually but just the music feels like it kind of stumbled a bit) i think the solo could have used a little bit of overdrive maybe? i know it's funk but.... i think some overdrive could really make that thing rock, and just make sure to take out alot of the highs if you try the overdrive.

C4C? thanks https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1041139

Edit: The thing about the hendrix thing, thats actually right before he says the hendrix line, and only in the first verse, all the others were quite solid