k so im lookin forward to get a washburn x-10 for a wonderfull 90$ in brand new condition ...
then my freind tells me the wammy bar that it comes with will put it out of tune everytime i use it.

so i google washburn x-10 and sure enouph the first review site that pops up some dude is complaining about it,

but i had sent my freind a message asking him if i should get it, so for all i know he did the same thing read the first thing that popped up and now is telling me the wammy bar puts it out of tune whenever you use it just cs he read the review from the guy who didn't know he had new guitar strings on his x-10

so anybody know anything about this?

he said its because it doesnt have any tuner locks?

so uh, fill me in, and tell me if i should just get it and not use the wammy, cs its not like im a wammy freak, i can bend strings,,, unless thats just as bad?

So long as the guitar is set up correctly, you shouldn't have many tuning problems.
Heavy use of the whammy bar puts all guitars out of tune, unless the guitar has a Floyd Rose bridge. Locking tuners will bring more stability, but only for moderate whammying.
If you seldom use the whammy, you could always bar the bridge with a piece of wood, for better stability and sustain.