Me and my singer did this acoustic gig as a favour to the promoter who's opening band dropped out. First gig we have done like this- never played any of the songs before live. about a months worth of practise so we were pretty set tho.

we just wanted to know whatcha thought as we didnt getta chat to teh crowd cause we were straight off but my singers brother videoed it


Just click on the more from. link to see the rest- should be six. please leave nice comment but let me know on here whtcha reli think lol


oh btw i just realised i copy and pasted the link for one of the covers we did- but if u look in the more from. bit on the page then u should find our orignals which we wrote for it
That guitar is annoyingly out of tune.

Other than that it's alright. I think the singer needs to play some percussion. Shakers/tambourine, whatever. It'll just make it a little more interesting.

Hardest time is your best song. The rest I thought were a bit average (of the originals).
I think you guys are real limited by just having one instrument. I think the singer has a lot of potential, but your guitarist needs to expand his songs a little more...make it more than just chords. Just get more creative with it and I think youll be fine. Back to the singer though, its a little hard to understand you on mistake, but your other songs and especially the covers you use your voice very well. And yeah the guitar is out of tune pretty bad

heres mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1042061
yeh i know the guitar is out of tune- we tuned it before we went on- but i think it was the capo which messed it up cause its fine in effect and cause
And usually we play with a full band- but this was just an acoustic show cause we were on short notice

thanks guys
serranna i reli like it. but perhaps a more complex drum line could make for more varried timbres?
Just wondering why you're posting a cover in the original recordings section?
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hey i thought the vocals and song arrangement for both the r.e.m. cover and the oasis cover were awesome
singer has an awesome

although i think the drummers ride resonates a little too much for my taste

C4C please?
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I like it man! reli nice, just ur E string is slightly out of tune i think- but not sure.... i cant talk about out of tune guitars!

And yeh my ride cymbal is way to heavy for my liking. but i cant afford a lighter one! It works well on fast loud and hard stuff lol, but acoustic is sounds weird
Other than the before mentioned out of tune guitars, it was a solid performance. the guitar parts were good but at times kind of bland, and it could use something more than chords. The vocals were very strong, just a few off spots here and there but overall good job

i rated and commented a few, check out the vid in my profile?
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Me playing
thanmks i love yours
worked well
and yeh there is more than just chords when its with the full band
yea, the singer should be keeping time with a shaker, cause the guitar player is going WAY to fast....

crit here
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Quote by `NeXxuS`
yea, the singer should be keeping time with a shaker, cause the guitar player is going WAY to fast....

crit here

haha i know i speed up alot, and you look stupid standing with an acoustic guitar and no one on stage. and yes we do care about what we look like because people come to watch you as well as hear you
I agree with what has been said before. The singer need some sort of percussion like a tamborine or shakers.

And the guitar is wayyyyy too fast. The singer sounds rushed.

I do love the REM song though