I recently started playing bass and had my first lesson this week. The bass I am using is my uncles that has not been used in 20 years. I changed the strings, but my teacher said that the guitar in general needs a setup (intonation is off, truss rod needs adjusting, action is too high, etc.)

I live in Manhattan, and I am looking for a place to get a basic setup. I don't want to pay more than $50

So far I have called 30th St. Guitars ($65), Rudy's ($125!!!), NY guitar repair ($50), and East Village Music Store ($50)

Does anyone have experience with NY guitar repair or East Village Music Store?
Are there any other sub-50 places that I should look at?

I've heard great things about East Village. But if you really want to save money, find a friend who knows how to do it (or ask your teacher to recommend a place to get it done).
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Right near Times Square there's one block that has 7 music stores. 4 of them are Sam Ash, 1 specializing in guitars, but there are also 2 other guitar shops. I would take your bass to those 3 places and see who gives you the best price.

EDIT: May want to avoid the Sam Ash, though. The one time I went in there, they sold a guitar that was missing a back plate, and I pulled a bass down to play it only to find that it was missing the output jack.
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Do it yourself. 'Tis not to difficult.

And I bet a guitarist/other bassist friend might even help you out.
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