Now before I even start I'm just going to say if you are going to leave a comment that says "I personally hate relic finishes" or "play the hell out of it and naturally it will relic" then I just want to say a big **** YOU. What I was going to do is relic my Crappy ass squier strat. But it is black and the wood is agathis, which is a light wood but I don't know if it will look good. If you know what it looks like or if it just doesn't look good please tell me.
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I'm sure it'll ok. If I were you I'd probably scratch up the squier logo, it would just bug me having that there...

You don't have sand all the way into the wood to make it look like a decent relic, so don't worry about the light wood.

If it sounds decent and plays decent, then I'm sure it'll be worth the work
Well I got a Seymour-Duncan JB Jr. in the bridge and 2 DiMarzio Choppers so it sounds good I already swapped out the neck for a Maple Fender U.S.A neck so it plays good as well. also i have had it for a while and it is a little beat up but you can really see the wood to well so i dont know.
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If you do it right, relic'd black Strats are really sexy guitars. And if you stain the agathis a darker color to give it the appearance of wood that has soaked up sweat and body oil for years and years, it would look uber-awesome.

Of course, if you relic the body, you'll also need to relic the neck, otherwise it won't look right.
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i know i basically relic'd the neck and headstock i have a custom logo that has my last name in Fender font and it's branded the Millsocaster
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The idea of relics is to **** it up as far as I can tell, so **** it up and see what it looks like. The lighter wood with the black paint will give it loads of character.
I personally hate purposely relic finishes. Just play the hell out of it and naturally it will relic naturally.


But anyway, IMHO, I think it'd look terrible, but whatever floats your boat I guess. I don't think the fact that it's agathis will make a difference; alder, ash or whatever else they use on strats are light woods (but if the agathis has ugly streaks, it might not be so nice).
Just because it is agathis won't affect the outcome of your work. Relic finishes can look good if it's done the right way but there several ways to personalize your guitar. A friend of mine used his father's engraving machines to etch some symbols in and it looked surprisingly good in the end. As long as you like it the way it looks in the end, it's fine.
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are you sure its agathis I striped my black strat today and its alder and btw its a squier...