i've been having some issues lately with my lyrics; they've started to sound less and less like coherent songs (which is what they're supposed to be) and more and more like half-delirious stream-of-consciousness poems. stuff like Circle Takes The Square springs to mind.

now what i need to know is; is this a problem? songs are supposed to have structure and central objectives, are they not? i write progressive metal(core) if that's essential.

then the problem is that i've grown tremendously as a writer since moving more to these strange inspired lyrics, which makes me think that trying to write differently will end in tears.

You can write lyrics in any way you like, you'll just alienate a larger and larger part of your potential audience the further out you get from traditional structures.

It's perfectly ok, though, to emphasize a pile of images rather than a cohesive narrative. Look at RHCP they are one of the biggest rock bands around and plenty of their newer songs consist entirely of juxtaposed images, rather than any semblence of story (and they're actually radio friendly!). Songs like that can be very popular.

The risky territory is when your meter and diction becomes to erratic or bizzare for mainstream audiences. Or when you try to pile up images, and you're not using the right ones. Those are two very different problems, but the two most likely to occur from the type of lyric writing you're describing.