Alright, I'm prepared to be shot down here, but I'm proud of my idea.

Please excuse my limited drawing abilities with Microsoft Paint.
Basically, this is designed for a string through, or a stopbar tail piece. Once the strings go past the bridge, they go through the tremolo attachment, which is a spring that has a part on the top for the strings to go through. You would press down or pull up on this to create tension, or create slack. In the other picture, I created a sort of whammy bar, that I got the idea from a car spoiler. You could press on it with your arm or hand. I thought this would be necessary, because if it was just on the side, the strings on the other side would not be getting moved as much. The tremolo attachment would lock the strings into place, and there would be a locking nut, to ensure tuning stability. The spring would have to be incredibly stiff, which might be hard to actually move it.

Your thoughts? Would this actually work? What other problems are there with it?
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That seems like it would be fairly difficult to even have it stable to the touch, much less stable enough to tune. Simply tapping the spring 'container' would cause it to move and probably go out of tune in the process... I'm just guessing though
that looks sweet. Here is another thing of what I think it would look like.

The only problem is that it would need 6 very stong, but small springs and they would need to be locked in somehow but removable so you can have as many as you need to make it loose/tight. Kinda like a normal trem at the back, you can remove springs to make is looser or add to make it tighter.

Another problem would be tuning, it would go out of tune quite easily I would imagine, but it is good because it doesn't go through the body it can go on guitars like SGs where the body is very thin.
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Looks nice idea.

It could solve the tuning problems of FR because it would make independient string tension to spring tension (if the spring is completely normal to the string).
It would also have much better sustain than FR.

I dont think the spring would have to be that stiff, even more, I think you DONT EVEN NEED A SPRING. Use the whammy to move a rod in a normal motion to the string. Well, without a spring you couldnt do flutter. (or maybe you could adding a big mass to the head of the whammy bar)

The Only problem I see right now could be the run of the whammy, because when straining a string normal to its longitudinal axis you need much more strain to increase traction than straining longitudinally. Just think of how much you have to stretch a string with your right hand to rise one step pitch, and how much whammy run you need to do the same.

Keep working on it!
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isnt that pretty much a gibson vibrato, like the one they put on firebirds?!
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