I mainly a "heavy rock" player, but I've been plunkin' around on my acoustic a lot more recently and need some advice on what songs I should play to help me with making chord progressions easier, particularly above the 5th fret. I'd consider myself an "intermediate" guitarist, so I'm not looking for anything to complex, but something with some unique, yet "learnable" chord changes and a bit on the heavier side of the acoustic sound.

I like stuff from Black Label, metallica, Alice In Chains, Days of the New, if that helps you come up with something
Have you tried improvisation, writing your own stuff?
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try got me wrong by alice in chains or i stay away by them...AIC has some of the best acoustic stuff of the 90s by far!
ever heard of the band " DEATH" ? i think u might like them
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When I learned jazz-blues chords my chord changes got 1000% better.

Acoustic makes me think of picking chords more than strumming & I got a lot better at picking also.

Happy playing!

where did you learn them? i've been trying to figure out how to learn proper movable jazz chords and the fingerings for such butt can't find them anywhere. Some of the changes in the music sheets i have are IMPOSSIBLE with the fingerings they give you.