My friend is selling me a Dunlop Original Cry Baby, for 30 dollars. I don't have much of a sense of value here so I need to know if it's a good buy.

Here are the problems:

It's Kinda Dirty. It's Dusty, and has some gunk in it. But it's nothing that effects it, and nothing a little bit of cleaning won't do. I actually already cleaned it before hand, cause while I was using it with him, it bothered me to have to know that the inside is like that. It's very much spotless now.

It's missing one of the rubber things that covers the screws. lol That's a simple one.

The area that covers the battery is missing. That panel that you have to unscrew normally to open it is gone. With some work I can hopefully replace that part, and make it better.

Finally, He's not selling an adapter for it with it. He doesn't have it so I'd have to rely on batteries, or buying a new adaptor.

What do you guys think? 30 bucks for this thing, which I personally really want. Thanks In Advance.
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Hmm... I bought my Crybaby new for $80... So if the wah itself already works well and adding all those parts wouldn't make the cost over probably about $50-60, it should be a good deal.
yeah mine was 80$ without an adapter so this is a great deal. Also are you sure the gunk wasn't just that white stuff that they put on it to make it not squeak? (I'm not sure what it's called so yeah.)
No, this stuff was yellow. It looked like Gunk. I cleaned more of it out anyway. This Pedal ended up getting me in trouble at school though. I was going to try it out prior to this moment, but we got yelled at, and possibly written up. Hope it's not bad luck. lol Thanks for the fast replies you guys.
are you sure you didn't take the white goop out, the grease?

you need that crap inside it to have it work.....

but yea, buy it
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i think that whit stuff is lithium grease. $30 is a deal for a crybaby, just go to radioshack and buy a 9v adapter and you're all set
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Since when was it White? I told you all before, this stuff is yellow, and crusting in area's. I see the white stuff, and I left it alone. I know about Cry Babies too. I just need to know if this is worth it.
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9v adapter, Radio Shack, Got it. Thanks you guys . Any other tips Advice, or the such?

how the fuck did you get to radioshack and back in 2 minutes?
No, I mean, I got the Info. lol Not the adapter. lol I'm not that fast. How much would the adapter cost? I can't seem to find it on the website.
it wont cost as much as the dunlop adapter. and crybabys are like $70 new. i was JUST testing one like 30 min. ago $30 is a GREAT price. get it!
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Adapters aren't to expensive. I don't know exactly. That's a good deal, I guess, but a mediocre wah pedal, really. Still, hard to beat that price. I'd get it and mod it, and you could potentially have an excellent wah for VERY cheap.
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How did you get in trouble at school because of the wah...?
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I give up.

Well, we were in the orchestra room, where we music guys usually are. We were going to try out the wah. We start hooking it up, and the band room teacher says we have to pack up and get out, because there was no one in there to supervise us. Keep in mind we didn't have any plans to stay in for more than 5 minutes. Just in, try it out, out. It's a friday, why would we wanna stay to play?

Anyway, he was yelling, and we continued to hook up, cause it was almost hooked up, just needed to hook it up to the guitar. And he yells at us again. This time my friend starts yelling back to him, because he's get annoyed by his lack of flexibility on the subject. He begins to yell at him, and tell him we'll be done in a minute.

The band teacher yells again, so we begin to pack up. My friend however begins fighting with him, because we're not going to do anything, we're just trying the stuff out. Me and my other friends begin to pack the stuff up. My friend gets into an even bigger arguement. They begin screaming at one another.

We pack up, and get our stuff together, and we head out. Right before we head out (My other friend, who was fighting had already left, due to anger) he asks us for our names and ID's. He said when he told us to do stuff he got a lot of turning of heads and ignoring. Thus this pedal caused us quite a bit of trouble.

The fact that we turned our heads was only the cause of the fact that my stuff was in the opposite direction of him. I guess if he wanted me to pack up, I should have been watching him the whole time?

lol And thus ends the story of how the Wah got me in trouble. The End.
Get it, thats a great deal.

I got mine for $70, and I like it.

If you are getting yours for $30, go for it.
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(What's wrong with your Amp tmfiore? An amp is an amp right?)
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(What's wrong with your Amp tmfiore? An amp is an amp right?)
(In Parenthesis cause it has nothing to do with the topic)

(Its an MG, which people say is so horable. It isn't that bad. It gives me a great sound for punk, and if you play around a bit you can ge ta pretty good metal sound.)

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When you date a vegetarian, you're the only meat they'll ever eat.
(Well I don't blame you. Forget those guys, It's not about the kind of Amp you have, if it works, and you can play what you want, that's all that matters. You don't need what everyone else has. I'm sure you know all this already anyway, but some people are just straight up jerks about it.)